Pre Calc

Pre-calculus also known as pre-calc is a complex branch of mathematics whose focus is continuous change. Pre-calc, therefore, is a course structured to prepare you for future calculus courses. The course prepares you by handling complex mathematical concepts, theories, and functions which are most likely to be missing in geometry, algebra and other units as is set in the mathematics curriculum.

Some of the familiar concepts in pre-calc are characteristics of functions all of which emerge in the study of algebra, analytical geometry, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. You will get to learn more about limits, sequences, and other key calculus concepts.

History of Pre-Calc

Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Liebniz, are the fathers of Pre-calculus which they invented in the 17th Century. The invention came about as the two were working on numerous principles in calculus. Each of them was working independent of the other in Europe.

In the modern day, calculus is a practical subject which makes part of most degree programs. These programs include; Statistics, medicine, engineering, computer science, mathematics, etc. In preparation for calculus; offered in college, your high school will introduce you to the pre-calc course. Those in high schools which do not provide the course are left to figure out what calculus is upon arrival in college.

If you are not among those that pursue pre-calculus programs in high school, rest easy because your college most likely has a pre-calc course tailor-made for you. Your mastery of the subject is mainly dependent on your understanding of trigonometry and algebra.


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Does Pre-Calc Preempt Calculus?

It is important to note that pre-calculus does not pre-empt direct topics taught in calculus. Instead, pre-calc creates in you a firm foundation that will enable you to learn the Calculus subject with ease.

To enhance your understanding of pre-calculus concepts, it is essential that you navigate through the course syllabus. Some of the best pre-calc courses will cover the following topics; vectors, trigonometry, matrices, series, complex numbers, and probability.

Other additional topics are functions, rational expressions and graphing, to strengthen your mathematics foundation. Are you in need of pre-calc tutoring in Torrance? Call Sunshine tutoring 310-906-0991 right away.

The Relationship Between Pre-Calc and Other Subjects

  • Pre-Calc and Trigonometry

Trigonometry is a branch in mathematics which deals with the relationship between angles of triangles and lengths. Trigonometry is offered as a subject in many of the high schools as well as in the mathematics’ departments of colleges.

Since it’s one of the core topics in the pre-calc taught in colleges, trigonometry will be a refresher for you. A course in trigonometry is a prerequisite for pursuing pre-calculus. You will, therefore, apply standard trigonometric functions in solving complex mathematical and graphical problems. 

These trigonometric functions are cosine, sine, and tangents. Additionally, you will learn the following subjects, series, vectors, and sequences in trigonometry.

  • Pre-Calc and Algebra

 Like Trigonometry, algebra is a branch of mathematics. The difference is that algebra studies symbols and the rules guiding manipulation of those symbols. To be successful in calculus, you ought to have excellent skills in algebra.

 The skills are necessary since most of the algebraic functions form the backbone of pre-calc. Such algebraic functions include; logarithmic, quadratic, polynomial and exponential. Don't you underestimate the role of graphs in pre-calc since they form the better part of the calculus.

You will learn the range and domain of functions while calculating the intervals by which a function changes. You will also cover the transformation of functions in pre-calculus.

Is Pre-Calc For You?

It is always difficult for most students to decide whether or not to pursue a pre-calc course and so it is with you. When it comes to decision making, involve your math’s department at the university. They will supply you with a diagnostic test which is meant to help you determine your readiness in taking up pre-calc or calculus course.

Alternatively, register for a university major before signing up for pre-calculus. Find out if your college offers calculus options for those not majoring in mathematics. Such common options are calculus option for engineers and calculus for Economists. The non-math calculus focuses on trigonometric functions. Prior information on the calculus to pursue In College will help you decide if pre-calc is for you.

There also exists an option of studying the pre-calc on your own. Consider grooming yourself for the college-level calculus with the help of a tutor. For you, there are plenty of online and offline facilities to help you learn by yourself. Sunshine tutoring will do the magic for you in Torrance with the one-on-one sessions which are custom-made for you.

Don't be discouraged by your low scores in a mathematics test. Intermediate trigonometry and algebra will boost your ratings so you can enroll for pre-calculus in the university. Pre-calc is a course whose purpose is to refresh your memory on mathematical principals taught to you earlier. And no, it's not to show you concepts from scratch.

Pre-Calc and Finite Math

The similarity between pre-calc and finite math is that you study both then pursue calculus. However, finite math is a term for the entire general math you have studied before calculus. However, pre-calculus scales down to algebraic and trigonometric skills necessary for undertaking calculus. Algebraic 3 is the other name for Pre-calc. If calculus is not your goal, finite math is the way to go. Otherwise, it is recommended you pursue pre-calc for advanced algebraic skills.

Though pre-calculus is not straightforward of the two, it equips you with analytical skills so you can conquer the real world. From topics like logic, statistics, probability, matrix, and discreet mathematics covered in finite mathematics, you become better in simple calculations for both your home and workplace. On the contrary, finite math does not prepare you to pursue calculus.

How to Score Better in Pre-Calc

Most students dread pre-calc citing its complexity. While the subject is complex, there are means to register better scores.

  • Invest in the Appropriate Tools

To ace the pre-calc exam, you have to be adequately prepared.  Investing in appropriate tools is the first step to preparation. Purchase the following supplies; graph papers, pencils, rulers, a notebook and a graphing calculator. The graphing calculator will help you with calculations, solving of equations as well as plotting of graphs.

Since the graphing calculator is somewhat challenging to use, consult your tutor for assistance. Nevertheless, a manual will help you too.

  • Learn the Jargon

Your first day in pre-calc tutoring will be characterized by mathematical jargon most of which may be unknown to you. Such terms are polynomials, exponents, variables, and functions. To make the sail manageable, go the extra mile of researching the new words. Make sure to understand what each of them means and the context in which they apply. The research will save you a headache.

  • Attend Classes

Studying by yourself may be signing up for failure. You will, therefore, have to schedule for classes to keep you up-to-date with study resources. While in class, don't let a single concept pass you by if it does seek clarification from the instructor.

If you choose personal pre-calc study, you’ll need an in-home Sunshine tutoring instructor, who will synthesize the algebra 3 concepts to palatable levels for you. A tutor saves you the temptation of cramming the night before an exam whose results are catastrophic.


A few hours with the teacher may not be good enough for excellent scores. Take it upon yourself, therefore, to set aside at least 8 hours per week and use the time for practice. During this time, solve as many mathematical equations as you possibly can. A simple search for pre-calc equations on the internet will leave you spoilt for choice. Textbooks are additional resources for better practice.

 Are you done with the assignments? Review your assignments and learn from them. Meanwhile, you could complete your homework within the designated time. Reach to your colleagues in the pre-calc with whom you can make a group for intensive algebra 3 discussions and computation of sums.

  • Online Study Resources

Thanks to technological advancement, there are excellent study resources online ranging from courses, videos, and solved pre-calc equations showing the solutions step by step. However, none of the options is better than getting help from experienced, friendly, tutors at the comfort of your home which is why you need Sunshine tutoring for exceptional, second to none tutoring services.

Pre-Calculus Tutoring

Understanding Pre-calc links to how well you master mathematical concepts. The mastery is curtailed especially by your negative attitude towards mathematics. That, however, shouldn't worry you because there is a solution.

At Sunshine Tutoring you get to improve on your mathematics which will, in turn, bring positive outcome in the pre-calc course. We achieve this by exposing you to tests and quizzes. Each one-on-one session is designed to fit your learning capabilities, and you benefit from personal attention.

The journey through a pre-calc course is a rough one and fills with challenges like complex concepts, confusing jargon, and negative attitudes. But you can conquer all the problems if you put in the efforts, the hours and most of all hire tutors who have the best of your interest in mind.

Make the most out of the tutoring services in the following locations; Torrance, Rancho Palos Verde, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Carson Beach. You will acquire all the necessary tools and skills for mastery of pre-calc. Success in pre-calc will translate to excellent Calculus scores. Call our Torrance Tutors at 310-906-0991 and let’s get started.