Geometry Tutoring


Geometry is an interesting subject that starts with a simple discussion of points, lines, and planes before rapidly becoming complicated (or fun as most tutors like to put it ) when you get to theorems and angles. If your child (or you) finds geometry hard it’s because he or she does not yet see the fun in it and is frustrated. Sunshine Tutoring believes in every child and is dedicated to turning those D’s, C’s, and even B’s into A’s.

At Sunshine Tutoring, our geometry program allows us to combine hands-on tutoring with interactive lessons and a proven rewards system to create the correct learning spark for your child. You will love watching your child’s confidence grow with each new skill learned whether they are learning to use the Pythagorean Theorem or simply identifying line segments.

It is natural to want the best for your child by giving him or her a great foundation for their elementary school geometry. At Sunshine Tutoring, we take this responsibility seriously while making math fun at the same time. Our tutors use positive feedback and a fun rewards system throughout our sessions.

If your kid is struggling with geometry or is having trouble understanding why they need to study it in high school, we can help. We know the essence of a strong geometry foundation and that excelling in the subject in high school increases your kid’s chances of attending college. We help all our students understand and translate difficult geometry principles so that they can quickly grasp and solve them as the material progresses.

Geometry Tutoring

At Sunshine Tutoring, we understand that the real life applications and problem-solving strategies of geometry stand out among other branches of mathematics. Our students learn the essential thought processes behind spatial recognition and theorems. We also encourage your kid to think outside the box when approaching problems.

Many students face difficulties breaking down problems and comprehending key concepts such as percentages, fractions, decimals, or whole numbers. Luckily, we follow proven teaching approaches that target areas where students are disconnecting with the content to facilitate a firm learning foundation.

As a parent you need to understand that we do not only offer your child simple tricks for tacking problems and boosting their grades, rather we equip him or her with the necessary tools they need to master geometry and excel in it.

We offer a free 30 minute mathematics skills evaluation for all new students to assess their skill and grasp on the subject, which allows us to know where to start. We also have both individualized as well as high quality small group tutoring sessions to ensure a wholesome development. We focus on quiz and test preparation for mathematical students in several cities including Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, and Redondo Beach.

Reasons Why Geometry Study is Important

While many people feel that they will not use mathematics, or specifically geometrical, concepts in their lives, the truth is that this subject helps you to grow your problem solving skills while developing your logic and spatial understanding. Geometry encompasses a wide range of concepts such as area and perimeters, triangles and trigonometry, lines and angles as well as other shape related problems. For kids who find it difficult to visualize shapes may find that using worksheets to practice geometry questions helps them to develop this ability.

As we tutor our students, we help them understand the practicality of geometry and its application in real life situations. The truth is that geometry is used in several different professions. Interior designers and architects use it to guide their designs; computer animation specialists use it when putting together animation videos and films; while those who work in construction must ensure that angles and lines are measured precisely to ensure the safety and integrity of a building.

Geometry is linked to several areas of mathematics. When students start learning about shapes they begin with 2D shapes and study their properties before they consistently build on this knowledge as they progress and approach their GCSE exams. At this point, your child realizes that there is a lot more to circles and shapes than they originally realized.

Moreover, since geometry problems can also turn into algebra or number problems, it is pertinent to ensure that your child is properly prepared to tackle these concepts using quality geometry resources both in school and at home.

If you want your child to enroll in their dream college, they need to do well in geometry. Most high schools in Torrance, California, require their students to take geometry to enroll in algebra II, which many colleges want students to take. Colleges require students to have at least three years of progressively difficult math courses while elite colleges require four years of rigorous math classes including geometry.

Geometric concepts also appear on both the ACT and SAT, which means that having a good grasp in this subject can help you obtain better scores. At Sunshine Tutoring, we ensure that all our students obtain the highest grade possible while giving them a solid geometry foundation to build on as they progress.

Why Choose Sunshine Tutoring

Sunshine Tutoring was established in 2012 to offer Torrance, CA students quality tutoring sessions to improve their mathematical skills, comprehension, and grades. The founder, Miss Josephine is a credentialed mathematics teacher in California with over 11 years of experience in teaching and guiding students to become the best they can be.

Sunshine Tutoring follows three fundamental principles in it tutoring program:

  • Identifying a student’s present skill level when they join. Knowing your child’s needs is paramount to helping them become good in the subject.
  • Giving your child the personal attention they require to achieve their best. Individualized tutorage allows our tutors to tailor-make the most effective program that suits your child’s geometry needs. We encourage all our students to make thought provoking responses and connect mathematical concepts as they progress.
  • The third principle is productivity challenges students. Although repetition is an effective approach that helps students reinforce academic concepts, when overused it tends to limit independent thought and wastes precious time. An individualized tutoring process allows your child to progress to complex and more challenging academic concepts after mastering the foundational content.

All our tutoring sessions are limited to three students, which allows your child to learn comfortably, absorb difficult concepts, and ask questions for clarification. We also use an array of math manipulatives to help students visualize problems and understand abstract mathematical concepts. Manipulatives also provide a fun learning environment that is different from the normal classroom environment.

We also have math board games that come in handy when students are too tired to concentrate on the geometry lesson of the day. They also create a spirit of competitiveness and fun, which goes a long way in helping them remain engaged and alert. We, further, provide fraction bars for our young students to help them understand equivalent fractions easily.

Sunshine Tutoring offers a well-furnished waiting area for parents, babysitters, and students. We provide complimentary beverages, magazines, and Internet Wi-Fi for parents to keep them engaged as they wait for their children. We are open every Monday to Thursday from 3:45 pm to 8:00 pm and remain closed from Friday to Sunday.

Meet the Business Owner

Josephine C started Sunshine Tutoring back in 2012 to help students understand and excel in Mathematics. Her passion for teaching and nurturing children has seen her grow the business over the years to a successful tutoring institution recognized throughout California.

Fondly called Miss Josephine by her students, she comes highly recommended by parents due to the significant progress and positive impact she leaves on all her students. Miss Josephine is a highly credentialed and seasoned Math teacher in California. She has over 11 years of teaching experience and six years of professional tutelage. She holds a Mathematics’ Bachelor’s Degree with an emphasis on teaching and tutoring from Whittier College.

Apart from getting an A grade and boosting a student’s GPA, according to Miss Josephine, the true benefits of a good math tutor are not always clear since the majority of her students will not pursue a career in Mathematics. However, all students need excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills to succeed not only in school but also as adults. Math helps sharpen these skills.

Miss Josephine creates a nurturing learning environment for all her students as Sunshine Tutoring. She ensures that your child develops confidence, a love for Math and Geometry, as well as problem solving skills to last a lifetime.

Contacting a Geometry Tutor Near Me

Sunshine Tutoring understands the significance of finding the right geometry tutoring program to meet your child’s needs. We offer a free 30-minute assessment session and consultation to gauge your geometry tutelage needs and get a better idea of how to help you moving forward. We are available from Monday to Thursday from 3:45 pm to 8:00 pm but we also accommodate special sessions on request. Call our Torrance tutors today on 310-906-0991 or visit us at 22811 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90505 to learn more about our services and how we can help you understand Geometry. You can also visit our Yelp business page to see our reviews.