Algebra 1 Tutoring

Algebra 1 is easily one of the most intimidating of all math subjects, and school subjects, that students will face in their academic career. Neither you nor your child should be discouraged, therefore, if he or she is finding it difficult to make the transition into "algebraic thinking" in pre-Algebra or Algebra 1.

Every student, no matter where his/her greatest academic strengths lie, needs to master the full spectrum of subjects and not just their "favorite" ones. But also realize that everyone can do well in Algebra and math with the right effort and good teaching - and many times, people who at first struggled in Algebra and math end up excelling at it and realizing they had a hidden talent all along!

At Sunshine Tutoring, we have long experience and a proven track record at helping students overcome the challenge of Algebra 1. We know how to customize our approach to your child's learning style and coach him or her to achieve a good understand of the subject and greatly improved grades.

To discuss scheduling tutoring sessions for your child in Algebra 1, or in another subject, contact us today by calling 310-906-0991. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your child fulfill his/her full potential in school and in life!

Algebra 1 Tutoring

Algebra involves a level of abstract mathematical thinking that is not found in mere addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and fractions. It takes up all of those previous math skills and then adds "x," "y," and the art of balancing equations to the mix. This is a big step, and it's a foundational step for higher level math like Algebra 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. Thus, Algebra 1 is a vital link between basic math and advanced math that every student needs (and can!) to know in order to create that successful bridge.

Here are some of the major skills and components involved in an Algebra 1 class:

  • Multiplication of fractions & cross-canceling.
  • Understanding of exponents.
  • Addition and subtraction of integers.
  • How to tell the order of operations in an equation.
  • Analysis of algebraic equations.
  • Solving multi-step equations.
  • Simplification of equations.
  • Factoring numbers.
  • Mastering algebraic terminology.

And that's only a bare mention of some of the main areas of study that Algebra involves. It takes a patient, orderly presentation of the subject matter, with full confidence in the child's ability to learn, and flexibility to adjust to each child's manner and pace of learning to teach Algebra 1 well. We at Sunshine Tutoring understand that, and we put the time and effort into Algebra 1 tutoring it takes to make sure no child is left behind and every child builds confidence as they continue to reach new milestones in math.

To help children stay engaged and learn faster, we make a point of getting them involved in solving actual Algebra equations from the very get-go. We use question and answer formats, story problems, and equations that gradually grow in complexity and difficulty level to keep kids from getting bored. The right balance is always sought between math problems being too easy, which could lead to boredom, and being too hard, which might lead to discouragement. Challenges are important. You should have to "stretch" to reach new heights, but neither should the challenge be "out of reach."

A "step by step" approach means each step is within reach of the previous step. Everything builds on what just went before and on all that went before, and no step is ever skipped.

Solving for the unknown is the core idea of Algebra, and as such, Algebra is a tool for learning as much as a subject to be learned. The search for the unknown is also, in principle, an encouragement to natural curiosity and the sense of adventure. Algebra is like a "quest for information," and we at Sunshine Tutoring seek to instill the underlying principle and idea embodied in Algebra 1 in students just as surely as the nuts and bolts of solving actual equations.


Math can be fun! Yes, it's really true, even if your son or daughter doesn't think so at the moment due to having a tough time in Algebra 1 or another area of mathematics. At Sunshine Tutoring, we offer special sessions with a focus on math called "Mathnasium!"

Why have a special session just to zero in on math? The answer is threefold:

  1. Because math class is easily the most difficult subject area for a large percentage of students. We seek to give extra help, therefore, where it's needed most.
  2. Because math skills are extremely important in academics and in life. Half of all subject areas (the sciences as over against the humanities) have math as their most basic foundation and "language." 
  3. Because some kids are going to emerge from the extra help in math with a new love for math as their favorite subject. They are going to go on to follow career paths with a big math focus, like engineering, accounting, scientific investigation, and math teaching and tutoring!

First time students at Mathnasium or other components of our Sunshine Tutoring program get a 30 minute first-time session free of charge! That lets you not only save but also test out our tutoring services with no obligation and nothing to lose. We aren't afraid to do this because we know you will be satisfied when you see the results!

Getting Impressive Results One Child at A Time

Every child is able to "do math" - and that includes Algebra 1. Some people think, "I can't do Algebra. It's just too hard." But that's just not true. At Sunshine Tutoring, our greatest joy is found in helping students to overcome their "problem subjects" and succeed like they never knew they could. We love to see students setting and achieving high goals and progressively conquering new territory in "the realm of math."

Our tutors are 100% credentialed and proven through the test of actual tutoring experience and success. Our tutors not only know their subject areas well, but they also have personal skills and teaching expertise that help them bring out the best in every student. We work on motivating students to want to learn and on creating in them the confidence that they are able to, as much as on walking them through the subject matter step by step.

When you contact Sunshine Tutoring for help, we take the time first of all to listen carefully to your needs and concerns and to understand exactly what you want your child to accomplish. If Algebra 1, pre-Algebra, or another math class is the challenge, then we next move to get your child with the right tutor, give him/her a diagnostic test to see where he/she is at, and then formulate a lesson and tutoring session plan that fits his/her exact needs. In many cases, time at "Mathnasium!" is a part of the overall plan.

We then work with your child one day at a time, striving to peak his/her natural intellectual curiosity, help your child learn to set and meet goals, prepare each student for upcoming quizzes and tests, help him/her with math homework where necessary, and ultimately raise his/her Algebra 1 and other math grades.

Some people wonder if tutoring "really works." Our answer is, it does if it's done right. To get the most out of tutoring, your child needs to be continually challenged but never overwhelmed. This means it takes a teacher who is familiar with each and every child's specific situation and who gives the time to work with kids where they're at. Learning Algebra 1 is all about acquiring "problem solving skills" rather than just working any particular equation. The way you work an Algebra equation is unique to itself, but the same kind of discipline, hard work, and orderly thinking required here can translate into other areas of life. Thus, not only does Algebra 1 tutoring "work," it can pay dividends that go far beyond just passing a class and getting a good grade.

Some of the positive results we see in our students on a routine basis include:

  • Improved attitudes toward learning and school.
  • Better grades in Algebra 1 and other subjects.
  • Long term improvement that impacts more advanced math subjects like Algebra 2 and beyond.
  • Acquisition of good study habits that are "in tune with" the child's natural learning style.
  • Ability to both work in a group and to excel at self-directed learning.

But don't just take our word for it. Find out what others are saying about us by viewing our many Yelp reviews!

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