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If you are looking for top tier tutoring services to help your child grow in confidence, achieve higher grades, acquire better learning skills and study habits, and develop of love for learning that stays with him or her for life, we at Sunshine Tutoring can help.

Our team of experienced, credentialed, and dedicated tutors have successfully assisted numerous other struggling students in Torrance, CA, and throughout the L.A. Area, and we stand ready to do the same for your child.

Each child's needs are different, and each family situation is different. We understand that, and we always therefore use a personalized approach rather than a "cookie cutter" methodology. Because our goal is to maximally benefit our students, we keep ourselves flexible to their needs and customize lesson plans for each student.

We adapt ourselves to the natural learning style of each child and take care to track the progress and tutoring history of every student. This enables us to formulate the best possible strategy for long and short term tutoring alike and to achieve the best possible results.

If you have a child whom you'd like to enroll in any of our tutoring programs, or if you'd just like further information on who we are and what we do, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 310-906-0991. Or, feel free to stop by our office, located at 22811 Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance, California.

Our Offered Services

Sunshine Tutoring offers a wide range of specialized tutoring and homework related services to help students of all kinds, in all grade levels, through all manner of academic difficulties.

What we mention here below is not necessarily an exhaustive list of our services, but these are our core and our most popular tutoring services.

Looking over our service areas may help you to get a good idea which service(s) will best match the specific needs of your child.

  1. Math Foundation Builder

Few things in our academic careers are more important than getting well grounded in mathematics early on. Poor math skills will hamper your child at every grade and will impact subjects beyond just math class - especially science and computer classes.

Good math skills, by contrast, will be a huge boost to your child's grades, understanding, and confidence.

We offer our Math Foundation Builder program for grades K through 4 to help ensure students are not left behind in the classroom as to math skills. 

We include a gradual, systematic introduction of new math concepts, numerous examples and problem solving exercises, and one on one guidance for students to help them overcome obstacles and make continual progress.

Our math tutors are highly trained, fully credentialed, and know how to explain concepts and interact with their students to maximize positive results. Math Foundation Builder is one of our most popular programs and it has had a major impact for children in Torrance, CA, and surrounding communities for many, many years now.

  1. More Advanced Math Tutoring

For many, math continues to be a challenge subject beyond grade 4 and at advanced high school levels. Pre-algebra, Algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistical analysis, and more are common subjects we provide tutoring on. 

These subjects can be challenging even for adults! But, with the right help, every child can succeed at them - math doesn't have to be one's "favorite or best subject" in order for that person to do well in it and even excel. 

Over the years, our math tutoring services have been in high demand and have left parents and students alike fully satisfied with the results. We meet kids where they're at and work with them step by step to teach them the concepts and practice of good mathematics at all levels. 

And we find ways to make math fun! We keep introducing new challenges, at the right time and in the right proportion, so that students don't get depressed but neither do they get bored. Math is about more than just rote memorization and drills. We focus on helping kids "think mathematically" and see how important math is both in school and in life.

  1. In-home Tutoring

Oftentimes, parents find it convenient and profitable for our tutors to work with their kids right in the home. Each situation is different, and in-home tutoring may or may not be the best solution, which is why we at Sunshine Tutoring give you the choice between in-home and small group tutoring sessions.

We have experienced, dependable tutors we can assign to your child for tutoring in any and all subjects at every grade from K to 12. 

Our staff can work with you on scheduling and on providing a quiet study environment at some place in your home during the tutoring session. We will customize lesson plans and exercises to your child's specific needs and learning style and track his or her progress. Over time, your child will be encouraged by the strides made and we will inculcate a love for learning and for school.

  1. Small Group Tutoring

Small group tutoring is a perfect solution for many students struggling in one or more subject areas or with school in general. It puts kids in contact with other kids going through similar struggles and shows them they are not alone.

It also gives them the extra focus on problem areas they need and an environment where they can ask questions and get helpful, targeted answers.

Our Small Group Tutoring program includes a question and answer session, coverage of common difficulties for the whole class, and a time when students are asked questions to test their progress and to help them think through the subject matter.

You can enroll your child in small group tutoring sessions for various grade levels and with attention to a variety of subjects. 

Sometimes, getting out of the home for tutoring and in a focused Small Group Tutoring environment, makes it easier for students to concentrate and learn. 

The extra time and effort given in small group sessions pays off. It complements and fortifies what is learned in the classroom. We have seen the positive impacts time and again, and this may be the program that can best help your child as well.

  1. The Homework Club

Is your child struggling to complete his or her homework assignments well and on time? Is it difficult for him or her to focus on homework at home free from distractions? Or, is he/she getting behind in school or in danger of falling behind?

If you have to answer "yes" to any of the above questions, The Homework Club could help solve all of these challenges for your child.

Sunshine Tutoring's Homework Club is designed to provide a quiet, distraction free environment where students can get their homework done faster and with better results. It also gives your child easy access to tutoring help and instruction if he/she gets stuck or has a question to ask about an assignment.

Our Homework Club is available for middle and high school students at each grade level, and across all subjects. We have tutors who can help every student on hand.

We have seen many students who had previously been struggling with homework improve their study habits, discipline, grades, and attitude toward school and learning, in large part due to attending The Homework Club.

  1. Test Prep Assistance

All of our tutoring services involve helping students prepare for real tests and quizzes with practice ones. And since tests and quizzes constitute so great a part of school grades, this is an important aspect of tutoring.

But when your high school student or recent high school graduate is looking forward to going to college, or needs approval for admission to a particular college or is looking to win a scholarship, test prepping for the SAT or ACT test is particularly crucial.

At Sunshine Tutoring, we have deep familiarity with the SAT and ACT tests and systems. We know what it will take to get your child ready to score high, and we have seen test prep efforts raise SAT/ACT scores significantly for our students consistently.

Don't hesitate to contact us for help with test prepping for the ACT, SAT, or other college entrance exams. We're here to help!

  1. Initial Assessment

Sunshine Tutoring makes it easy for your child to get started on the right foot with tutoring sessions. We offer a FREE 30 minute initial assessment and skills evaluation to newly enrolled students.

The initial assessment will allow us to gauge where your child is academically and help us to customize lessons plans for your child going forward.

We will ascertain the best pace and the optimal learning style to use with your child during tutoring sessions. By properly assessing these things, we lay the foundation for a truly effective and personalized approach.

Please contact us for further details about the initial assessment and the FREE 30 minute session offer for new Sunshine Tutoring students!

Our Commitment to Our Students

Established in 2012, Sunshine Tutoring has tutors on staff with over a decade of relevant experience. We are organized, focused, and dedicated to the best interests of all of our students.

We have a particular focus on math tutoring but offer many services that go well beyond that, touching on every subject and grade from K to 12, and including help with developing good homework and study skills.

Already, our ties to the community in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Carson, Manhattan Beach, and beyond in the L.A. Area are deep and strong. And our network of satisfied parents and benefited students is growing every year.

We are committed to the general welfare of our students, not just in school, but more broadly in life as a whole.

We strive to not only help kids get an A and boost their GPA, but also to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and a love for learning that will last a life time. We are committed to helping yoru child ultimately succeed as an adult whatever his or her chosen career path.

Our Approach to Tutoring

At Sunshine Tutoring, we do much more than just present students with new information and answer their questions. We approach tutoring with passion and with a proven-effective plan.

First, we take the time during the initial assessment and early tutoring sessions to identify each student's current skill level, diagnose there they are struggling, and come to know their preferred learning style. This lays the foundation.

Second, we customize our lesson plans and approach to each student. We give students the personal attention they need to be their very best. Often, a child who's struggling in some area can't get sufficient personalized help at school or at home - that's where Sunshine Tutoring can help!

Third, we productively challenge our students. To stay interested in school and learning, children have to keep seeing new horizons, not just mindlessly repeat a list of facts or names. Memorization plays a key role, but only true understanding and progress will tap into a child's native inquisitiveness and engender a lifelong love of learning.

Contact Us Today for Help!

Whatever the exact tutoring service or services you are interested in for your child, Sunshine Tutoring can discuss with you your child's needs and the goals you have for him or her academically and in regard to the tutoring specifically.

We can answer any questions you may have about tutoring in general, about a particular subject or tutoring service, or about our organization and its vision for improving children's grades, study skills, and lives.

Call us today at 310-906-0991 to set up tutoring for your child or to learn more about your options! Or, feel free to stop by our office, located at 22811 Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance, CA.