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When your child is struggling in school academically, where do you turn? Perhaps, despite the best efforts of your child's teacher and of you, his parent, there are certain school subjects that seem to be roadblocks in his or her way.

Or, maybe your son or daughter is having a tough time focusing on his/her homework, regardless of the subject. 

At Sunshine Tutoring, we exist to help your child get through just these kinds of difficulties and to excel and live up to his/her full potential as a student. We have many years of experience tutoring kids of all ages in the L.A. Area - and we are a fully credentialed tutoring institution that upholds the highest standards of professionalism.

Our Vision

We believe in the ability of every child to study, learn, and succeed academically in school and in life. 

Our team of well seasoned tutors can bring your child the guidance and encouragement he or she needs to make progress in a "trouble subject" and help create an environment that is optimally conducive to learning - whether individually or in a small group setting.

Even when parents put in the time to try to tutor their child themselves, and even when they are familiar with the subject matter - sometimes, they simply don't possess the teaching skills to know how to teach their child a difficult subject. That's nothing to be ashamed of: it's a common and normal situation. And it's a situation that we at Sunshine Tutoring know how to take control of and steer towards a positive final outcome.

We also understand that different children learn in different ways (no less true of adults!), and we have a wide range of proven learning strategies we can use in working with kids across the full spectrum of diversity.

Our Programs

We offering tutoring across the full range of school subjects and for grade levels spanning from preschool all the way to high school. Our programs are custom-tailored to the needs of our clients.

Math tutoring is easily the most common need, be it in cultivating foundational math skills or in tackling advanced trigonometry. Given the importance of mathematics in school and in life, this is certainly a key component of our offered services.

We can tutor you child individually or let him or her join a small group of other students who are also being tutored. It's totally up to you which approach to take, based on your child's needs and your own scheduling considerations.

Finally, you may want your child to join our "homework club," if he or she is struggling to concentrate on doing his/her homework regularly without distraction. We can help your child develop the skills and discipline it takes to succeed at homework and in school in general.

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At Sunshine Tutoring, we are always ready to take on a new tutoring pupil, and we look forward to answering your call!

Feel free to explain to us your needs and your child's situation, and we will patiently listen and offer our input and advice. We have helped many other students in Torrance, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and throughout Southern California overcome their academic challenges - and we can do the same for your child.

Contact us today by calling 310-906-0991, or you can visit us in person at our office, located at 22939 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 202 Torrance, CA 90505