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It's not at all uncommon for even the best students to struggle sometimes. Perhaps, there's a particular school subject your child is having a hard time with; or perhaps, he or she is going through a difficult period in his/her academic life. 

Maybe your child needs to develop better study habits, learning skills, and homework discipline. Or, maybe you have a high school graduate whom you want to test prep for a college entrance exam.

Whatever your exact tutoring need, at Sunshine Tutoring, we have helped numerous other students overcome the same kinds of challenges in the past, and our staff of experienced, dedicated tutors will know how to help your child reach his or her maximum academic potential as well.

We provide focused tutoring sessions across a wide range of subject areas for all grade levels from preschool to seniors in high school. We can tutor your child at home or in a tutoring center. And we can discern and adjust to your child's preferred learning style.

We keep ourselves flexible to better meet the real needs of our clients and help your child succeed both in school and in life.

To learn more about Sunshine Tutoring and how we can assist your child and help make him or her to become a more successful student, or to set up tutoring for your child without delay, contact us by calling 310-906-0991 today!

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Sunshine Tutoring: Who We Are

Our greatest joy at Sunshine Tutoring is helping our students overcome their academic obstacles and reach their true potential. We like to see each and every one of the students we tutor set and achieve high goals and surprise even themselves by the things they accomplish.

And with longtime experience in tutoring children in Torrance, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and throughout Southern California, we understand the dynamics of the process that leads from academic struggle to academic success.

Sunshine Tutoring uses only the best, fully credentialed tutors who have proven their skill in their subject area(s) and their ability to work personally with children and encourage them to persevere in their studies. Our tutors have proven track records of success in raising their students' grades, deepening their understanding, and motivating them to work hard and excel in the class room. 

Sunshine Tutoring as a whole also has a long history of improving students' school performance and homework skills while kindling in them a desire to learn.

Our organization has deep community ties and longstanding relationships with schools, teachers, and counselors in the L.A. Area. And we have many satisfied clients, both parents and students alike, from whom we frequently gain personal referrals to new clients.

Sunshine Tutoring: What We Do

Our mission and practice at Sunshine Tutoring is all centered around the needs of our students, without whom we would have no reason to exist.

When you call us up for help, we take the time to patiently listen to your concerns and your goals for your child. We then add our input and seek to enhance your vision for what your child can accomplish. We discuss with you your child's needs and help you to come to an informed decision as to which type of tutoring help he/she will receive.

Next, we match your child to the right tutor, have him or her take a diagnostic assessment if appropriate, and begin formulating personalized lesson plans that will fit your child's exact needs.

We then follow through with the program, day by day working to build up your child's skills, confidence, and motivation.

Here are three key areas in which we focus on improving your child's academic outcomes:

  1. Quiz and test preparations. These targeted exercises have a maximum impact on boosting school grades.
  2. Challenging students to grow. By challenging our students with difficult questions and exercises, we peak their natural intellectual curiosity and help them continually progress to the next level.
  3. Set high goals and expectations. By showing our students where they are, where they need to be, and the real progress they are making towards high, worthy goals, we engender confidence and encouragement.

If your child is going to enjoy learning and school, he or she will have to go beyond the "basic, simple level" and develop real problem solving skills. He or she is likely to get bored and lose interest if either of two things happens: the child doesn't understand the lessons OR he understands but isn't be challenged to learn much new.

Consistent tutoring can ensure your child is growing in learning and learning skills, keep him engaged and interested in school subjects, and develop in your child a lifelong love for learning.

Does Tutoring Really Work?

Sometimes people wonder whether tutoring will "really" help their child through his/her difficulties at school. After parents have tried all they know how to do, and still haven't gotten through the problem, they may be tempted to think there's nothing that can be done. But that kind of loss of hope is simply not based on fact or experience.

Tutoring, when done right, has a proven track record of helping struggling students overcome all manner of academic obstacles.

Tutoring offers many distinct benefits to students, including:

  • Strengthened subject comprehension.
  • Boosted confidence.
  • Improved attitude toward learning and toward school.
  • Individualized attention that's not practical in a crowded classroom setting.
  • Assistance that's customized to a child's individual learning style, which tutor's come to know as they work with the same child over a period of time.
  • Helps keep students from falling behind OR helps them catch up, in their studies.
  • Cultivates good work and study habits, which will benefit students in life and not just in school.
  • Allows for self-paced, self-directed learning with minimal distractions and maximal focus.

Why Choose Sunshine Tutoring?

Sunshine Tutoring has a well developed and time-tested tutoring program that has met the needs of students of all grade levels and in all subject areas.

We have both the academic credentials and experienced, dedicated tutoring staff it takes to optimally help kids overcome academic roadblocks and develop positive learning habits.

We have many local ties to schools and parents and kids in the L.A. Area and beyond. And we get many of our new clients on referral from past ones.

To see what others are saying about us, check out our overwhelmingly positive online Yelp reviews!

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If your child has a tutoring need, do not hesitate to reach out to us for help. We can make our tutoring services as convenient for you as they are beneficial to your child.

Sunshine Tutoring's approach has proven itself again and again, and we stand ready to help your son or daughter overcome all academic hurdles and be his or her very best in school, as well.

Contact us today by calling 310-906-0991 to speak to us about your child's needs or to get started on enrolling him/her in one or more of our tutoring programs!

APPOINTMENTS ONLY: 22939 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 202 Torrance, CA 90505

Our Core Services

Sunshine Tutoring offers a wide range of tutoring services and will customize its approach to the requirements of each student and each situation. 

However, we can still organize most of our core services into four basic categories as follows:

Math Foundation Builder

While we offer math tutoring for kids of all ages, we also have a special Math Foundation Builder program that...

Small Group Tutoring

Our Small Group Tutoring Program at Sunshine Tutoring is designed for school kids in middle and high school.

The Homework Club

The Homework Club is one of our most popular and most important programs here at Sunshine Tutoring. It provides an...